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The number of boxes delivered/opened
each day in the U.S.
3.4 billion
The number of boxes opened
each year in the U.S.
27 boxes
The average number of boxes each household opens
$500 billion
Total spent on things that come in a box

In-Box Solutions for Marketers

As a marketer your challenge (and opportunity) is to find focused impressions with prospects and customers. Why not go where your customers are: their homes. People get their stuff in boxes through the mail. Packars can help open up a world of boxes to you – an attractive and segmented channel for your marketing message. We can help you reach your customer with pinpoint accuracy.

Search for Retailers

Explore and discover nearly 1,000 box retailers shipping boxes across the United States. Select the boxes that are right for you based on your preferences.

Reach New Customers

Boxes that come in the mail feature what is virtually the best open rate imaginable – 100%! We help you use segmentation to find your ideal audience.

Flexible Collateral

Whether you want to insert your own marketing materials, or you want us to help, you have optionality over what you send to consumers.


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Monetiziation Technology for Box Retailers

As a retailer your goal is to maximize the income of every box while delivering an incredible product to your customers. Packars can help match you with marketers who value your customers and want to partner with you to carry (piggyback) their complimentary and relevant marketing collateral. As a result, you can bring new value to your customers while monetizing every box you ship.

Monetize Space

With every box shipped you have remnant space that has the potential to be monetized. We can help you generate a new income stream from empty space.

Get Discovered

Half the battle of selling your remnant box space is awareness. With your profile on Packars we help you get recognized by marketers and advertisers.

Wow Customers

Sure, your customers are expecting your package. But with the right partner inserts you can add value by bringing them exclusive offers and incentives.


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