what we do

PT. Russian Oilwell System

is a National private owned company, which established at Jakarta, Indonesia in 2006.

Our core business is to provide excellent ESP packages rental services and proprietary products supply for oil and gas exploration, production, refining and gas processing operations.


Excellent is our goal

Fuel & Miscellaneous
43 %
Liquid chemicals
78 %
Monomers / Polymers
75 %
80 %


We Are using The Multi Stage Horizontal Pumping System Tianjin Premier is a range of multi-stage centrifugal pumps, featuring high pressures and medium flow rate characteristics, which are a reliable and economical choice for a wide range of oilfield, mining and industrial applications.


we operate in all of Indonesia , And Support all Oil And Gas production around Indonesia

Our services

Spare Parts and Parts service

Energy projects

PT ROS with pleasure offers a complete solution for the needs of ESP, accompanied by best personnel support

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    Corporate Values

    Be a leading national private owned company that is well known and trusted in the Oil and Gas business in Indonesia.

    Providing excellent services and quality products to support and improve customer’s business performance.

    Ensure all business activities conducted by the company always adhere to and comply HSE (Health Safety Environment) and continuous quality improvement

    they say
    Aluisius AriHebta PRT ROS