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SHTCPAC opening doors to...
Philadelphia City Hall & Pennsylvania State Capitol Harrisburg

Innovative: The nation's first condominium Political Action Committee (PAC)
raising over $100,000 in donations and presenting
a unified front to open doors in city and state politics.

Effective: Won equitable trash pick-up bill in City Council
and prevailed in a court challenge over the City of Philadelphia.

Progressive: Non-partisan, open-minded, neighborhood approach
to issues from billboards and casino gambling to riverfront development.

Board of Directors


Bruce Holberg


Dennis Waterman

Beverly Shien Sherman
Past Chairs
John Terry, Marsha Bacal, Joel Marmar,
Herman Baron, Mary Purcell, Jeremey Newberg

Community Activism for Responsive Government
~A Towers Tradition~

Society Hill Towers...

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